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The Monster Sex Sketchbook is a highly explicit fantasy sketchbook that depicts werewolves, demons, tentacles and more engaged in a variety of sex acts. It's 22 pages of sketches in various media.

Do NOT purchase or view this book unless you are legally old enough to view explicit sexual content.

This book depicts Casper the pastel punk wolf boy being sexed by a variety of large monsters and a lot (like a LOT) of tentacles. It includes penetration by large and multiple objects and organs, group sex, ridiculous amounts of fluids, and some sadistic/masochistic acts, including bloody bite-marks from a vampire. Just trying to warn you in case any of that is not your jam.

View samples from inside here! View with discretion!!! SO NSFW!!!

All acts depicted are consensual (Casper is 100% into it) and all characters are adults. I mean. They're also monsters. So. You know, whatever! Some of them are probably like 300 years old. I don't make the rules.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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